About us




The permanence of changes is a reality as well as a market challenge for all private and public sector entities. Recognizing and promoting changes, optimizing, utilizing and managing one’s own resources are the key prerequisites of competitiveness and development. The decision of establishing a group of companies DDD Ltd. for support to the processes of dynamic digital development in the region has been based on understanding the dynamics of changes and their intensity in South-East Europe, as well as the necessity of implementation of digital solutions as competitiveness and development prerequisites.

DDDDynamic Digital Development Ltd. is a group of companies specialized in designing and implementing knowledge-based high-tech business solutions.

DDD is using its network of offices in South-East Europe to actively participate in preparation and implementation of development and investment projects in the region. Active involvement in development processes in the region, as well as the promotion of dynamic access to the design and implementation of development and investment projects and the implementation of IT know-how, are the key values on which the approach of DDD Group and its member companies is based on.

Services and solutions provided by DDD Group member companies are 100% adapted to the needs of investors, local and regional self-government units, public and private businesses and national and international institutions. To ensure planned and balanced regional development, in their day-to-day activities, DDD Ltd. is taking part in development and investment projects’ design and implementation. Defining their clients’ needs, proposing, formulating and implementing solutions with a view of creating better regional development climate, are in the focus of all DDD member companies.